Rent Bizgroundup As A Company

You can now send and receive payments without going through all legal struggles . No VAT, No Tax, No Bureaucracy . Now you can grow your business 10X faster. Start your business with US company .






Invoice processed

What We Offer

Cost reduction

All regular costs, state fees and corporate tax duties of the rented company are covered by us in the USA .

Corporate Invoicing

All invoices will be sent from Bizgroundup as an USA company. Send invoice and receive payments.

Corporate Appearance

You can start your journey or test your service by hiring Bizgroundup as a company and run your business without spending Entrepreneurs can kickstart or test ideas with Rent-a-Company before deciding on founding their own company thus avoiding high initial expenses.

How it works ?

Choose a plan from below. Our representative will be touch with you in a zoom . You tell us what kind of work you want to do and get paid for it . You tell us about your client name, address and phone number . We will create the invoice which client can pay . Once the refund period is over, you just let us know and we will send your earnings on any bank account .

Pricing Plans

Simple pricing . First 30 days is on us .



*Excluding All Transaction Fees



*Excluding All Transaction Fees



*Excluding All Transaction Fees

What Our Customers Say

“Saved me 50k in a year”

I wanted to start my business and saw a lot of fees like accounting , taxes, vat, customer acquision and more. Bizgroundup saves me 50k a year now . Love the service.

“A company who cares”

Bizgrounup cares about newly started entrepreneurs, SMEs and novices . I don't have to take care of accounting anymore .

“I highly recommend”

One of the specialties of hiring Bizgroundup as a company is the possibility to fulfill different business needs of our customers. So if you need different needs, just share your requirements and they will find the best solution.

Most Popular Questions

You don’t have to build a company and spend a lot of money to use company features . Just use our company resources and get the job done .

  • Invoice your customers on behalf of Bizgroundup
  • Receive bank transfers from your customers to the Bizgroundup bank account in the USA.
  • Get paid online via PayPal, credit/debit cards and other electronic payment methods .
  • Pay invoices to your suppliers and send bank transfers
  • Withdraw money anytime to your bank account, PayPal, debit/credit card or e-wallet (depends on the selected plan)
  • Other Convenient Features depending on the selected plan
  • Engage in illegal activities
  • Engage in activities requiring a license
  • Get loans and borrow money
  • Launder money
  • Buy and sell forged, counterfeit and stolen goods
  • You can run any type of business such as, Web development . cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Metaverse, cybersecurity, digital marketing ,Video Creation etc . Just tell us about your business and you are good to go .
  • Bizgroundup takes care of all accounting and tax duties . You don’t have to do it .
  • if you need any kind of service which is not mentioned as a part of our regular offer, please share your requirements with us and we will try to find the best possible solution for you.
  • We will create invoice with the customer name, email , phone number and address and send it . Customer will have the option to pay the invoice directly from the link .
  • You receive the payments once customer pays and when we receive it . Keep in mind that if you agree to provide a refund to the customer , you have to wait till the refund period ends.