STO Development Services

Security Token Offerings is not only different from the regular tokens offered in ICO, it holds much more value. The basic reason for this is its backing up with financial assets such as bonds, commodities or derivatives. This gives a new approach to your offering and makes it much more reliable for any investors. With STO, token holders also get a certain quantum of ownership which makes it easy for you to build a propaganda around your offering. There are various other advantages of introducing your business through STOs, which also makes Security Token Offering Services valuable for every entrepreneur. Due to its recognition by law, you also require legal consultation, development of website and smart contract, and whitepaper drafting.

Bizgroundup ensures that you get every service which gives your business maximum support and validation. Therefore, we, as an STO Development Company, back your offering with technology and expertise. The concept of Security Token Offering is already more authentic and regulated, what makes it more efficient is our services. We make sure that everything the way you want and this is achieved with a team that is highly skilled and experience every aspect of technology. Our services make it easy for you to adapt this technology and introduce your business to the whole world. With this kind of offering, you assure your investors ownership alongwith guaranteed returns and this is flawlessly done with our vision.

Security Token Offering (STO) Services

Security Token Development

We develop tokens and give them a robust disposition using avant-garde technology. The usage is rendered seamless and it gives you surety of faster and safer transactions no matter which wallet you use.

STO Exchange Platform

An exchange platform is a must for every kind of digital asset. Therefore, we make it integral so you face no issues offering your token to customers, it enables them to exchange the token anywhere.

STO Marketing

Making deliberate efforts in marketing is essential so your campaign can reach its target audience easily and eventually turn them into investors. We ensure that an widespread approach is taken for this.

Blockchain-Based Product Development

All our products are created over blockchain so their security cannot be compromised, it is ensured by adhering to a stringent regime. With this technology, your offering gets a more secure disposition altogether.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

Asset-backed tokens give project a different lookout, it evokes confidence and faith in the investors. With these tokens, you can present your proposal to a larger audience which will accept it without any doubts.

Equity Token Offering Development

This gives your taken an equal measure of productivity to your project as well as token holders. It gives out maximum value to each holder with legal backing of assets which make it rewarding for everyone.

STO Whitepaper Development

Whitepaper gives your proposal a heightened level of authenticity and makes it appealing to a larger cadre of investors. This document brings more reliability into your project and gives it a better outlook for investors.

Payment System Development

Payment system is essential as the token itself, hence, we develop a befitting payment system for your project. Cutting-edge technology is used for making it secure and it can handle high volume of transactions.

Community Support Management

You clients or investors may look for any sort of assistance. Therefore, we also also provide a high-end support system which can make your interaction with investors very easy and will also help you give quick solutions.